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Why Mondo

The Benefits of working with MONDO

We are a professional Hotel Management Company with 12 years experience of the Dubai and Kuala Lumpur markets and currently manages 2 Serviced Apartments in Dubai and 35 Apartments in KL, Malaysia.

If you want to benefit from the projected growth of the visitor market to Dubai and take short term visitor rentals you MUST operate through a licensed management company.

We forecast that you can earn more income from your Apartment or Villa by marketing your property to the Visitor market in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.


Key points that you should consider include:

  • Your property will always command the actual market price, based on the Hospitality Visitor Accommodation Market (not the Real Estate/Property Market).  Remember rates, and therefore income, are seasonal.  High season running from October to April each year and Low season during the summer months.
  • Marketed correctly by an experienced operator you should enjoy more income than leasing out your property to a long-term tenant.
  • As this market falls under the regulatory jurisdiction of the DTCM, you are not bound by RERA regulation that restricts your ability to take back your property from a tenant.
  • Therefore, in addition, you are not bound by RERA regulations that restrict your ability to change Market price for your property.
  • As your property needs to be presented to hospitality industry standards, your property will be professionally asset managed and maintained - thus retaining or even improving value.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

  • MONDO would like to hear from you. We will first inspect your property and provide you with our view on the suitability of your property as a MONDO Holiday Home along with an estimate of what may be required if we feel that the property needs to be brought up to MONDO’s standard.
  • We will then provide you with a copy of our Management Agreement and the Limited Power of Attorney that you will need to agree and sign, which will be subject to approvals from the DTCM and other Government entities as may be required.
  • Once you have signed the Management Agreement and LPOA you will need to provide sufficient funds to cover DTCM (Government) fees, along with any agreed capital, and we will register your property with the DTCM whilst undertaking whatever work is required to prepare your property for it’s first guests.
  • Depending on work to be done, we estimate that it will typically take 6 weeks from receiving a signed Management Agreement, and handover of your property, to receiving first guests.


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