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Partner with us - Your guide to better returns: HOLIDAY HOMES!!!


Because now there is a Regulated and Licensed option to NOT rent your apartment to a tenant under a tenancy agreement, but rather to let it out on a short term basis as a HOLIDAY HOME with a Government Licensed Operator.
There are several advantages to doing this – In-fact we believe that it no longer makes financial or administrative sense to rent your apartment under a Ejari tenancy agreement, not with the new HOLIDAY HOMES legislation in place!!!


• You earn more money (even more attractive in a falling rental market)
• You don’t have to deal with Tenants and their increasing rights
• Your apartment is always maintained to a high standard
• You can exit the contract at short notice to sell your apartment should you get a good offer.

What About Licensed Operators?

The Dubai Government has now made it illegal to rent out your property on a short -term basis without the use of a Licensed operator and will impose a heavy fine on anyone caught doing so.
As we write there are currently 37 Licensed Holiday Homes companies and we are one of them. A lot of these companies are real estate companies who have no experience of the hospitality industry –

Why is this important?

Well, because to get the best return for your property it has to be marketed and run the same way as you would manage a hotel apartment. That means having a booking engine/website, links and contacts with tour and travel operators in the leisure industry, links with the corporate industry etc. That is why even big real estate companies do not have the competencies to manage your apartment as a Holiday Home!!!

We at Mondo Living have 14 years of experience in the Hospitality industry having run operations in London, Dubai and Malaysia.We are a Government Licensed operator and are currently looking to manage apartments in very specific locations in Dubai.We are already managing very successfully a portfolio of apartments as Holiday Homes.


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