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MONDO Hospitality manages and operates an expanding portfolio of business, serviced and hotel apartments in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

We have built a professional, disciplined and experienced team that is passionate about the business and works to maximise value for our property asset owners.

If your property matches our stringent criteria for profitably delivering best-in-class serviced residences in locations that work, then it could join our growing potfolio and benefit from our professional management systems, operational expertise and expert sales and marketing capacity. 01

Our Portfolio

SUHA Hotel Apartments

Al Barsha Hotel Apartments

Golden Triangle Suites

Our Approach


  • Mondo has a developed comprehensive Property Suitability Assessment strategy for selecting the right properties to add to its collection
  • And a business strategy that is built around it
  • “Locations that work”


  • Assuming the Property Suitability Assessment (PSA) indicates the property works, the next step moves towards formalising a working partnership.
  • Mondo prepares a Budget Summary (minimum three year outlook) covering the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Occupancy; Average Room Rate; Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
  • Total Revenue
  • Costs
  • Management & Incentive fee projection
  • GOP and NOP
  • Agree Commercial Terms and issue an MOU (three month validity). The MOU includes a binding NDA
  • Proceed to Management Agreement in which the following schedules are presented and agreed;
  • Budget; Business Plan; Pre-Opening Costs Budget and Staffing requirements
  • Based on formalising the above, the following key departmental roles are appointed;
  • General Manager; Sales Team; Front Office; Housekeeping; Accounts; Engineering
  • (Department Heads will typically commence their roles no less than one month before the agreed property opening date)


  • Provide a full management and operations services; including in-house marketing, sales support and access to our international sales agent network
  • Implement a low risk management and operations service for your property or Hotel
  • Take the responsibility of running an existing operation more profitably
  • Transform and/or convert your building into a Serviced Residence / Hotel – and therefore create a new revenue stream



  • With our Management Philosophy as a guide, Mondo Hotel Management provides Hotel Management Services to a variety of hotels in a number of different locations.
  • As a hotel operator we have the capacity to maximize cash flow and return on investment for your property, thus increasing its value.


  • The initial property visit is used for a thorough assessment of the facilities to evaluate the condition of the property, the market environment, standards and operating procedures, as well as the team on property.
  • We prepare a proposal and a budget for the owning company.
  • A PSA (Property Sustainability Assessment) is conducted.
  • Once on property, the team converts the hotel to Mondo’s standards applying learned Change Management techniques.


  • Proper planning and information is required for a hotel to best reach its operating potential. Mondo Hotel Management sees to it that a Business Plan is prepared annually for each hotel on our portfolio. The plan includes details on the hotel's market, capital improvement needs, and operating history.
  • The preparation of the plan involves the use of activity calendars for planning and future monitoring. The information provided will work to support the hotel's marketing plan and operating budget.
  • Existing Brand Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures are implemented to create a WOW factor for the guest. Guests are treated as individuals who are hosted in our home rather than hotel guests. The feedback on the various online platforms and the internal feedback are a true indicator for the success of this approach.


  • Associations with major Wholesalers, Airlines, Corporate houses, Travel companies and aggregators on chain level means that all properties joining Mondo Hospitality are automatically exposed to these Sales Channels and have the business from day one which is supplemented and is in conjunction with the tailor made deliverables for the particular property.
  • Existing and developing relationships with MICE and Travel industry.
  • Existing Corporate Booker Incentive Programs make sure that all bookers have your property on preference when they think of making a reservation.


  • In depth knowledge of system configurations and integrations make sure that each property is established correctly on major distribution channels from Day One it opens to public.
  • State of the Art Revenue management system and integrations and 24/7 monitoring of booking trends to achieve maximum available revenue up to the last minute.
  • Immediate access to the right channels to establish the property from the moment that Mondo Hospitality manages the property.
  • Weekly Revenue meetings make sure that all revenue targets for three month in advance are clearly marked out and all steps are taken to achieve those targets.


  • Website with a fully functional booking engine.
  • Marketing campaigns rolled out regularly. Success measurement done to maximize the ROI.
  • Existing Brand Standards make sure that the branding is done effectively, timely and consistently to enhance each guests’ stay.
  • E-mail Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns are done which create a buzz is around the property. Dedicated Marketing Team and state of the Art ORM tools that each guest comment online is addressed and responded to.
  • Participation in all major trade shows, some as participants and in some as visitors ensures that the Trade is aware of all our properties.
  • Extensive PPC campaigns done on group level make sure that properties are always on the top when they need these efforts the most.
  • Marketing on Airline and Travel agent booking engine is another options to expand the reach of a property.


  • In addition to maximizing revenues and managing expenses appropriately, this includes regular cash flow forecasting, weekly cash sweeps to concentrating accounts with excess funds automatically invested.
  • We will monitor and help challenge real estate taxes and insurance costs. We will make debt service and other payments for the owner and assist in debt renegotiation.


  • The corporate team ensures that regular visits, both scheduled and un-scheduled are carried out to ensure proper communication, feedback and training on an ongoing basis with the properties management teams and all associate departmental teams.
  • Our quality control process also includes regular visits by mystery Shoppers who use report formats in accordance with our operating standards. This allows us to see our hotels through a customer experience.


  • Regular reports to owners tailored to the owner’s needs.
  • For instance, some owners receive a weekly report detailing month-to-date revenues, occupancy and Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the current month while others request either daily or monthly reports.
  • We encourage owners to employ a third party auditor to do year end audits.


  • Whenever practical, volume-purchasing agreements are negotiated. Many hotels managed by Mondo Hotel Management are franchised and full advantage is taken of the franchisor purchasing programs. Additionally, it is sometimes possible to arrange marketing and other hotel operations purchases in conjunction with other hotels we manage.
  • When such arrangements are possible and provide a discount, costs are prorated to the properties benefited. No fees, commissions or other arrangements are charged or collected to benefit the management company for these services and our contract specifically forbids “Hidden Fees.”


  • With our knowledge of current trends and products in the hotel and hospitality industry, we are adept in supervising the redecorating and refurbishments of properties.
  • Redecorating and refurbishing work may be done by contractors or design firms, or the senior executive team, depending on the project’s scope. Fees, if any, depend on the scope of the work and the level of our responsibility.